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Agent: Kate Hordern

Hoot Comedy have bought an option on TV rights for SOLOMON TIME.

Will Randall is the author of SOLOMON TIME (Abacus 2002), INDIAN SUMMER (Abacus 2004), BOTSWANA TIME (Abacus 2005), ANOTHER LONG DAY ON THE PISTE (Abacus 2006) and LIMEY GUMSHOE (Abacus 2008). He is published in five languages.

Praise for SOLOMON TIME, which was short-listed for the WH Smith Travel Award:

  • “Immensely likeable” Observer
  • “SOLOMON TIME offers plenty of pleasures” Sunday Times
  • “Travel writers emerge in three varieties - those born to it, those who fall into it and those dragged into it. Will Randall is in the latter category with this tale of escape to an exotic idyll and the British innocent abroad. His odyssey is that of an endearing Everyman, an unwilling adventurer and an amusing and bemused observer as he tackles the often unintentionally bizarre realities of his new life” The Scotsman

Praise for INDIAN SUMMER, which was a Radio 4 Book of the Week:

  • “Many great writers have written about their time in the East: Somerset Maugham, EM Forster and Rudyard Kipling among them. Even if he never writes about India again, Will Randall should be added to this illustrious list.” Daily Express
  • “a fine and moving book” Daily Mail
  • “it’s his evocation of the glorious, multi-coloured chaos of India that widens the eye, and his good nature towards all things and all men that leaves the heart warmer” Observer
  • “(Randall) does not skimp on the dark, sad nature of survival and how its dividend is brutality – despite which his version of India aspires to be elegiac as well as chaotic. Well worth the read.” Scotland on Sunday


  • “This is a good-humoured book, written by a man who went to Botswana with an open heart. The result is a wonderful, amusing and affirmative book about that remarkable country, filled with laughter, colour, and simple decency. Bravo, Mr Randall. Bravo.” Alexander McCall Smith, author of THE NO. 1 LADIES DETECTIVE CLUB
  • “an affable and easy-going book with a nice line in gentle chuckles” Guardian
  • “A thoroughly uplifting book, BOTSWANA TIME manages to capture all the old–fashioned humour of an Englishman abroad without once insulting the locals” Independent on Sunday

Praise for ANOTHER LONG DAY ON THE PISTE, which was a Radio 4 Book of the Week:

  • “Highly entertaining . . . there is much pointed irony and satire to enjoy” The Times
  • “Unremittingly calamitous, self-deprecating and entertaining” Daily Mail Ski & Snowboard
  • “Timely and humorous account of a season spent as a ski bum” Daily Mirror
  • “side-splittingly funny... Randall is a gifted raconteur” French News


  • “an admirable record, a rollercoaster ride through the life of a private eye” Shots Ezine

Before living in the Solomon Islands, Will Randall worked as a teacher in the south west of England. He now lives in France, when he is not travelling. Will is a witty and experienced public speaker and is available for after dinner speaking, events and festivals.



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