Abbie Ross

Agent: Kate Hordern

Check out this HIPPY DINNERS trailer

Abbie Ross is the author of HIPPY DINNERS (Doubleday 2014), and is now working on her first novel FORTUNE. Abbie was a Senior Producer of television commercials at Aardman Animation. She lives in Bristol with her husband and two children.

Abbie's elegant and subtly humorous memoir, HIPPY DINNERS, is the story of a childhood in Welsh-speaking rural Wales. In 1972, when Abbie is seven, her glamorous metropolitan parents move from Islington to Wales in search of a different and simpler life. For Abbie, the only cloud on the horizon of this idyllic life is the nearby hippy commune and its inhabitants to whom, she fears, her parents are getting uncomfortably close. Capturing the world of childhood and progression through it with pitch perfection, both the hippies and the beloved characters in Abbie's Welsh community are brought to life in prose which is funny, full and rich. Check out this HIPPY DINNERS trailer:


  • “Charged with delicious quirky wit … Irresistible.” Rachel Joyce, author of THE UNLIKELY PILGRIMMAGE OF HAROLD FRY
  • “Warm, laugh-out-loud, enchanting – read it now!” Good Housekeeping
  • “Anyone who grew up in the era of Benny Hill, cheesecloth and Charlie’s Angels will find this irresistible.” Jane Shilling, Daily Mail
  • “HIPPY DINNERS is an absolute joy … both sweetly moving and killingly funny.” Horatio Clare, author of RUNNING FOR THE HILLS
  • “Spot on and very funny.” Nina Stibbe, author of LOVE, NINA
  • “Bright with playground speech patterns and knee-high perspectives, Hippy Dinners deftly conveys the child’s sense of powerlessness and confusion in a world she – and worse, even the adults around her – can’t control.” Guardian
  • “An outstanding debut … so good, so funny, so true.”  Julia Gregson, author of EAST OF THE SUN
  •  “Recreates the fragile, half-understood world of childhood with glorious polaroid immediacy.  I loved it.” Christopher Wakling


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